Equity Investments

Our approach toward equity investing is based upon a concept of fundamental analysis, designed to deliver above-average returns.

  • We believe that such returns can be achieved by purchasing stocks of companies with significant financial strength (quality rated “A” or better), consistent growth in earnings and dividends, and high market capitalization.

  • While we would prefer to capture superior yields, we see dividend growth as having greater importance in gauging ultimate value than current yield. Additionally, we do not attempt to structure client portfolios in traditional methods of diversification by industry. Rather, we assess how a particular selection fits into the range of investments appropriate for client objectives. We use a series of portfolio profiles to show more accurately the characteristics of various types of stocks as they relate to portfolio strategy.

For additonal details about the Drexel Morgan Legacy Portfolio please contact Lynda McFeeley at 610-995-8733 or LMcFeeley@DrexelMorgan.com